Fat and oil powders

With our fat and oil powders, we would like to introduce a new generation of powders for the manufacturing of your innovative foods.

The easyhealth method for producing fat powder is innovative and gentle:  the fatty acid profile, colour, taste and aroma are not affected. This also applies to volatile aromatic components: The aromatic content remains nearly to 100 percent and  - first of all - unchanged.

The fat/oil content of our powders is up to 67%. The basis of our fat powders is maltodextrin (IP, non-GMO) and thus well water soluble.

The easyhealth fat powders facilitate the production of high-quality food,  dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods through the use of powders in the highest quality: in powder form, they are easily incorporated into your recipe.

Whether safflower oil, corn oil, olive oil, grape seed oil: we make the fat powder for your recipe. Also antioxidants (such as vitamin E or toco- pherols) or oils with specific fatty acid profile that can make claims (e.g. ALA, EPA, DHA, MCT, CLA) are provided for you.

Your requirements are our mission.

Selected specifications of our fat powders can be found here.

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3-seeds oil powder

CLA oil powder

corn oil powder

fish oil powder

grape seed oil powder

MCT oil powder

olive oil powder

pumkin seed oil powder

rapeseed oil powder

Omega-3 oil powder

peanut oil powder

primrose oil powder

safflower oil powder

sesame oil powder

soybean oil powder

sunflower oil powder

tocopherol oil powder

walnut oil powder

... and many more fat & oil powders on request!

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